Real luxury is not about grandeur and glamour. A residential building is a representation of our spiritual relationships; our work focuses on how the built environment can help our association with other people. Our office offers not only plans but also a personalized approach to life developed in cooperation with the customer. Interfacing between environmental psychology and architecture, we attempt to get to know our clients’ lifestyles and to enhance their family life and quality of life as a result of our work.

For our innovative team, every building has the potential to create value. We believe in transparent, barrier-free spaces, our designs promote openness and new forms of social coexistence instead of separation and enclosure. This embraces planning the interior; our work does not end with the creation of the form, the interior design tasks are solved with the same commitment until the smallest design elements are selected and properly placed. In the case of our buildings, whether it is a family home, a block of flats or a public building, we place great emphasis on establishing a close connection with the environment.
When premium equipment and energy efficiency are basic requirements, proximity to nature makes the building truly livable. During planning we minimize damage, and if felling a tree is inevitable, two saplings are planted in the designated area to replace it.

István Bényei himself, who has opened new avenues in the life of Hungarian architecture thanks to his unique vision and inclusive approach, is the ultimate guarantee for the quality of our work.